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Monkey Hear No Evil

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November 14, 2011 - Several new fantastic releases to announce for 2011. Tony Khalife "Book of Changes", Monstrauss "Think Tank", and "Southern Trout Eaters" DVD. Recording sessions in progress for Helen Loo, Pathetic Honey, The Left Hand Side, among others. So 2012 should have its share of great material as well. Bobby Vega, Chris Rossbach, and Prairie Prince recently cut a track for MTD Acoustic Bass as well which will be released at NAMM.

July 9, 2011 - Tony Khalife "Book of Changes" in production. More forthcoming from Jeff Titus. Soul Patch alumns Ryan McIntyre and Jason Mendelson working on a new album at the Toothless Monkey studio in Boulder, CO. Toothless artists Bobby Vega (with Zero featuring Steve Kimock), Seconds On End, and Howdy!, among other great bands will be playing Head To Head Music Fetsival in Redway CA August 12th and 13th this summer. Also, check out Bay Area Recorders' The Africa Project 2010 featuring our good buddies Chris Zinardi, Derek Bodkin, Garrin Benfield, and Michael Manring. Derek's banjo version of Amazing Grace is worth the price alone and all profits go to aid in education efforts in Ghana and South Africa. Speaking of charity production, "The Left Hand Side" sales benefit the Homeless Action Coalition SF, and the album is getting great reviews! Last but not least, check out Tony Khalife Group drummer Celso Alberti's Brazilian Drums (loops and samples) which got this incredible review in Guitar Player:

"If you work with loops, and you'd like to explore Brazilian rhythms and instrumentation, this set of 323 loops by renowned Brazilian drummer and percussionist Celso Alberti will more than fill the bill. Besides working with a host of major artists from Airto Moreira and Flora Purim to Steve Winwood, Alberti is an accomplished recording engineer—as reflected in the sound quality of the 24-bit loops included with Celso Alberti Brazilian Drums Volume 1 ($39 retail). The rhythms, which range in tempo from 75 to 130, include samba, bossa nova, partido alto, baião, afoxê and xote. The many instruments include shakers, surdos, pandeiros, reco recos, and tamborims. ReFill, WAV, REX2, and AIFF (Apple Loops) formats are supported. The Reason 5 ReFill version features 30 Dr. Octo Rex patches containing eight loop variations and multiple fills organized by groove and tempo, along with individual instrument samples designed for use with Kong Drum Designer (three patches) and ReDrum (four patches), or any other sample player."

March 26, 2011 - In the last few months we have finished two albums (which will hopefully be out soon) by young South Bay phenoms "Monstrauss" and the East Bay's wonderful folk/bluegrass with-a-touch-of polka group "The Skinny", as well as finishing a new single "What We Don't Know" by Jeff Titus featuring bass legend Michael Manring. The song is a beautiful tribute to the late fingerstyle guitar genius Michael Hedges, who remains one of the Monkey's all-time favorite musicians.

September 29, 2010 Update - Toothless Monkey Music and its sister studio Bodydeep Music proudly present a new release by a new project "The Left Hand Side". Featuring Jae Hendrickson (Seconds On End, Bacon), Nick Peters (Seconds On End, Soul Patch), Jeb Taylor (Five Eyed Hand), and Ryan Vandenbroek (Bacon) their eponymous first release is a 95% instrumental exploration of reggae, funk, and ambience sure to set a nice mood for any day or night. Also, in the last few months we recorded the first album for the Dead Winter Carpenters, featuring members of Montana Slim String Band.

January 20, 2010 Update - Toothless Monkey Music and its sister studio Bodydeep Music proudly present two new releases from Bobby Vega, maestro del bass. First is an instructional video, Bass Lessons in Tone, vol. 1 and the second release is Sketches of Bob, an EP length album that producers may wish to take note of.

September 9, 2009 Update - Toothless Monkey Music and its sister studio Bodydeep Music are working on instructional videos with master bassist Bobby Vega. Also, Bodydeep Music proudly offers its first release - Seconds On End's 3rd album California Sky.

March 8, 2008 Update - Hi folks, great news, non-protected mp3s downloads of all Toothless Monkey Albums are now selling for steep discounts on the CDBaby pages (whole albums only). Just click the CDbaby link on any artist's page to access their store. Please tell a friend - thank you for your continued support of independent music.

Soul Patch - Sooner or Later is complete! Soul Patch website here.

Monkey Hear No Evil

Soul Patch - "Sooner or Later " released 2/14/08

Howdy! "Stranger" released 8/22/06 (produced by Nick Peters, recorded/mixed/mastered at Toothless)

Bobby Vega "Down the Road" re-released 6/22/06 - iTunes

Tony Khalife "The Music Shelter" released 6/2/06 - iTunes

Bobby Vega & Chris Rossbach released 11/7/05 - iTunes or eMusic

Seconds On End - "Shadowland" released 10/22/05 - iTunes

Besides the polished, worldly Derek Trucks Band’s Songlines album, Shadowland is better than anything I’ve heard in the jam band genre recently. Review by Entatty at F.U.T. - May 2006

This is no ordinary jam band--it's a whole new way of living the musical dream. These players are
first rate string wizards, the vocals are top-notch, and it clearly comes straight from the heart. The
work is full of soul, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes mournful, but the spirit is always strong. You
will love this recording. --Sandy Miranda, KPFA - Jan 2006




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