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Monkey Hear No Evil

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Bonus Material

Soul Patch - Big Time.mp3

Sneak preview track from forthcoming Quite Incosequential album. Sounds awesome even for an unfinished mix!

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Vega/Rossbach Down the Road.mp3

An unreleased mix from the Vega Rossbach record. Down the Road is the title track of a gorgeous album by Bobby Vega that is now being distributed by Toothless Monkey. Click here for more.

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Bodydeep Project - Adios Hermosa.mp3

The Bodydeep Project album is still in its infant stages, although Nick Peters laid down the basic tracks for this piece in 1999/2000! Until such time as Nick feels like he's got something worthwhile to release on CD you can enjoy this meditative piece featuring John's gorgeous basslines... (Jason Mendelson from Soul Patch cameos on some deep drum hits, otherwise, blame the sounds on Nick)

John Lester in SF 2000 after recording Adios Hermosa. Check out his music from our links page.


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Howdy - High Minded.mp3

Sneak preview track from Howdy!'s new album that was just completed at Toothless Monkey. Stay tuned...

Outlaw folk at its finest.


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Tony Khalife - Broken.mp3

Preview track from album "The Music Shelter" by Tony Khalife.


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chimp This monkey is almost as cute as Quinn's entreaty . chimp

Our buddy Quinn gives the Monkey some good advice.


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Snakepit Live 5-20-05.mp3

Live at Stanford May 20, 2005 featuring Chris Rossbach of Vega/Rossbach and Nick Peters from Seconds On End and Soul Patch

nick and chris playing live