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Bobby Vega & Chris Rossbach - "Bobby Vega & Chris Rossbach" - Nov. 2005

At age 16 Bobby Vega began his professional music career as a bassist with Sly and the Family Stone.  He has worked with Jerry Garcia, Tower of Power, Santana, Steve Kimock Band, Etta James, and many, many others. 

Chris Rossbach (Zigaboo Modeliste, Brigitte DeMeyer), is a legendary Bay Area guitarist, a musician's musician whose taste, melodies, and phrasing are unparalleled.  Exploring a realm of groove, Americana, jazz, and funk as kindred souls, these two masters show off acoustic chops with intimate, contemplative, and even joyous melodies that hit you as deep as their ineffable sense of groove. 

It opens with “Mercury” an upbeat, jazzy piece that shows off the ease with which these two flow together.  Followed by “First Light” they begin opening the doors to the wide open west with melodies reminiscent of The Tony Furtado Band, a door they never completely shut.  The album is so tasteful one forgets how many different styles they explore.  The closing track, “Mothra” is as funky and clunky as its namesake yet is no less masterfully presented than the thoughtful “Tipping Soup”.  San Francisco mastering engineer Paul Stubblebine referred to it as one of his favorite projects over the last two years.  We couldn’t agree more.