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Toothless Monkey Music

Studio Specs - Bodydeep

Bodydeep Studio (Toothless Monkey Too)
in Redwood City, CA features:

Digidesign Pro Tools HD2 with Accel card (PCIe)
96 I/O and 96i I/Os for
24 Channels in simultaneously at 96 khz 24 bit w/o latency
Intel Mac 2.66ghz quad core w/ 9 gisg RAM with a 23 inch flat screen
Meyer Soundlabs HD-1 monitors

Super clean power transformer for entire studio. Furman Pro AR-20 II

Pre Amps:
4 Channels of Focusrite ISA 428 Neve designed solid state, totally clean & transparent
2 Channels of Great River MP-2NV, British
Focusite 7 Dynamic and EQ, colorful if you want it to be
Avalon U5 solid state direct
24 Channels Allen and Heath, very clean

1 Peluso 251 tube mic
3 AKG 414s
2  Neumann KM 184s (stereo matched)
2 Neumann TLM 103s
2 Earthworks drum overheads
AKG kick
3 Seinheiser 421s
Assorted standard SM57s, 58s
1 Seinheiser E609 for clean guitar amp micing
Access to many, many more...

We also have an assortment of amps, speakers, and guitars available. 
Fuchs amp, Fender deluxes, Tone Tubby and Patriot speakers (alnico and ceramic), 1960s Leslie modded for guitar
Larivee Acoustic, Martin 12 string, Fender Strat, Andersen Strat, Fred Carlsen Sympitar, Fender Fretless Jazz Bass, Coral Sitar Guitar electric, Gold Tone lap, and Gretsch lap

Plug Ins - Altiverb, Waves Complete (API 2500, LinMb, SLS EQs and Comp, Chris Lord Algae Series, Eddie Kramer Series, C4, L1, L2, etc), L3 Ultramaximizer, Bombfactory, Antare Auto Tune, Sony Oxford EQ, Sony Inflator, Sony Trans Mod, etc…).

Up to 8 separate channels for personal headphone mixes for each person ajustable on the fly with zero latency (Hearback Hearbus System).

The room is approx 19 x 25 feet (a coverted 2 car garage). Isolation is handled in various ways depending on the project.


Nick Peters, head engineer, mixer- specializes in acoustic guitar miking, vocal production, and is also extremely proficient in Pro Tools with editing, mixing and basic mastering.  With a wide range of experience (since 1997) engineering, mixing and mastering on Pro Tools under his belt, 8+ album credits as producer/engineer, dozens of demos ranging from solo singer songwriters, instrumentalists, to 8 piece bands, syncing foley/music with movies. Nick designed this studio after working at the original Toothless Monkey Studio for seven years and uses basically the same setup as the original studio (since it moved to Colorado, but Nick didn't). The studio's tongue in cheek name is "Toothless Monkey Too."


All things are negotiable and rates may vary with project size, please email Nick for a free consultation about your project. All rates below include the engineer (Nick Peters). The following is a general starting point for basic services.

$75/hour Weekday evenings 6-10 PM or Weekends (incl. Holidays)

$50/hour business Weekdays 8-6 PM



We also have a wide catalog of connections for session drummers, bassists, keyboardists, DJs, rappers, tabla players, sitar players, and electronica producers.



Contact:  Nick Peters