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Soul Patch - "Summers in Rangoon" - Dec. 2001

From first listen to Soul Patch, you know these guys are special. Obviously not your typical garage band, their diverse sounds and musically complex grooves go down with a spoon full of sugar. Bypass the luge lessons, but definitely take your Summers In Rangoon. - Gregory Mann, San Francisco, California

Recorded in a marathon five-day session, the record takes on the feel of a polished, live concert. - A. T. Serrao, SF Weekly

Musicianship is devastatingly tight" - Rob Shavell, San Francisco, California

Very cool album, my favorite tracks are "Lose My Mind" for the guitar solos and "Arabic Ska" for the pure weirdness/coolness, but the whole CD is full of great jam band tunes. Fans of Phish, Moe, and String Cheese will definitely find something to like with this band. - Jefferey Hildebrand, Folsom, California