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Seconds On End - "The Glow" - Sept. 2002

If the Grateful Dead of 1976 had retired some long, sunny month to the countryside with Fairport Convention or Steeleye Span then they might have kicked out a disc like The Glow. This is a nice album that harkens back to a gentler folk-rock time. The sunset valley photos in the booklet only add to the feeling of pastoral calm. Both singers Carrie Adler and Julia Chapin have a similar warble to their voices as Maddy Prior or Sandy Denny, the kind of sound that makes one smile wistfully and wonder where indeed does the time go. With talk of planting seeds, velvet shoes, forbidding skies and deep dark glows it possesses a score of small pleasures and a very big heart.

Dennis Cook, Jambase, Feb. 2003